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Social Media – Begin with 10 minutes a Day

Success using social media begins with getting comfortable with using and engaging in social media networks online.  The key is to get into the social media “habit”.  I suggest to my clients that they do this for 30 days –

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Grab the Low Hanging Fruit

Marketing in today’s economy is a strategic and financial challenge.  So…how does free sound for a piece of your Marketing Plan?  The “free” is found with Google Places to get your business visible when people search for you or your

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Social Media Analytics – easier with New Google Reports

Social media and networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn are becoming a larger, more important slice of a company’s marketing efforts.  Critical to this new channel is the ability to measure the impact and effectiveness of the social marketing initiatives.

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Social Media Help for Small Business

Small businesses can compete successfully in the competitive and changing global market.  How? By strategically adding social media to their marketing, sales, and customer service efforts. Common wisdom today, as expressed by an article in Forbes, is that companies need to

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Strategic Use of Hootsuite – Best Hootsuite Strategies

Here’s a quick summary of how you can best use Hootsuite to increase your productivity and save time managing your social media efforts. Hootsuite is a free social media management system that lets you manage most of your social media

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Biggest Marketing Problem for Small Businesses in 2013 – Noise

The biggest marketing problem for small businesses today is noise – it’s hard be heard because of everything going on all around us. The challenge is to cut through the noise and be heard by your buyers! The 2013 Approach

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